Setting Digestion Back to Zero.
The night before

It is 9:30PM and I just finished my last meal before embarking on this huge change in my menu.  It consisted of a fast food burger, fries and a root beer float, I had to indulge with my last bad meal.  This weekend was really busy gearing up for the week, we went to Central Market to get all the hard things and then to Walmart tonight to get the rest of the items.  Total cost of shopping trips was right around $300 dollars, this was a little tough to swallow, but since we won’t be eating out I will save in the long run.

My normal day includes Subway English muffin with egg and ham and some veggies with their Southwest Chipotle Dressing.  For lunch it is usually fast food at one of the places close to work, then on the way home from work I pick up some fast food for dinner for Melissa and I, so daily total is right around $25-$30 a day.  We are still getting adjusted to having Alice so she hasn’t been cooking as much, but that all changes tomorrow.  

The shopping trips were so different than what I am used to, all veggies and some fruits and no meat.  The checker actually asked us how long we had been vegetarians, LOL.  I was very happy to find out that Central Market was very reasonable in their pricing, I have always thought of them as significantly over priced.  We bought lentils, couscous, and so many different kinds of leafy greens I have lost track of them all.

Here after this post I am going to make my salad and my vinagerette for my lunch tomorrow.  I have almonds soaking in water to eat as my snacks tomorrow I will explain more about that in another post.  Melissa is not sure what she is cooking yet, but I will post a picture and a review tomorrow once it is ready.  Breakfast is going to be fruit until I get my more permanent solution which is coming in the mail (more about that later).

So the hard facts, as of right now I weight 222 pounds and stand 6’4” tall.  I don’t have a goal weight in mind, I am not really overweight for my height.  I just taped myself around my stomach at my belly button which came to 42” which I found interesting, and more than a little embarrassing, because I wear a 36” waist in pants.  Melissa told me to measure around the belly button because that is the best indicator of how things are going so that is what I went with.

Before I finish this post I want to say thanks to the two people who I credit this change to, they are the ones who put the idea in my head and have given me the knowledge to do it.  Jake Jordan ( who is an old co-worker of mine was the first person I saw who as able to make a menu like this work while working a 9-5 job and showed me that it can work.  Charles Robertson ( is a friend from Kung Fu and is a best practicioner, our talks will provide a lot of the technical knowledge that I am hoping to share.  I am saying thanks now because I might be a little unappreciative in the morning.

Wish me luck.